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Shopping for a great, used guitar? Save money and buy with confidence! I buy, sell, recondition, setup and upgrade gently used electric guitars.

What We Do

What makes a good guitar? The name? The price? Materials? Workmanship? I’d say a bit of Materials and a lot of the workmanship. So we concentrate on workmanship when we go through a Squier guitar – complete setup, often upgrading parts like pickups, tuners, nut, etc.  Our goal is to upgrade Squiers so that you can’t hear the difference from a true Fender!


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Sample Inventory

Here’s some of the fine Squier guitars from our inventory –
Squier Custom Shop Tele
Seriously upgraded Strat
Squier Strat, nicely setup
Squier Fat Strat
My father brought me here to buy a pretty red guitar I saw on Craiglist, but because I got to try out several guitars, I actually left with a black Squier with alnico pickups – it sounds awesome! Myra

14yr old student

I spent over an hour trying out several guitars. Never felt rushed or pressured. I’d been to GC & Sams but couldn’t decide. I bought a used Squire Standard from Hank and I couldn’t be happier! Steve

Customer from Tampa

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