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Each guitar I sell has been carefully selected, inspected and setup by me, Hank Castello – not some employee. I personally guarantee your satisfaction!

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Phony guarantees:  Read others’ guarantees and they all say “protection from manufacturer defects”.  But “manufacturer defects” aren’t what you’re worried about with a used guitar.  Used guitars can (and generally do) have real problems (read my “Problems With Used Guitars” article).  A guarantee from “manufacturer defects” is no guarantee at all!

Guitar TechDue to Covid, we are adhering to social distancing & other measures to protect my customers.  Click for info.

I’m just a guitar tech who likes to make inexpensive guitars play and sound as good as the pricier ones.
I won’t sell a guitar until I’ve checked it out end to end; leveled frets & dressed fret ends; professionally setup the guitar to specs; installed & stretched new (quality) strings; tuned and intonated so that the instrument is worthy of the time and effort you will put into it.

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