Well, my American Telecaster is gone and I thought I was gonna be a little sad about that but as it turns out I’m happy that it landed in the hands of such an awesome guitarist!

An unassuming young man, Chris Cava rang the doorbell this evening.  Well, that isn’t quite true I guess, cause we don’t have a doorbell.  But we have a Rotweiller who’d let us know you’re here before you’d have a chance to press a doorbell anyway, so..

So Chris brought his “old” guitar – a Player Telecaster that looks like it just came off the shelf at Sam Ash, and we talked up a trade deal for a Fender American “Traditional” Telecaster.

Chris sat down, plugged the MIA in and started to play.  Jean and I sat, mesmerized as Chris played for the next fifteen minutes or so.  At some point I gathered the presence of mind to ask Jean to start videoing.  Chris said he didn’t mind, so now we have this awesome video to post.

We’ve had professionals sell to us and buy from us before, but now we have proof!  🙂

Learn more about Chris on his website at https://chriscava.com

Enjoy the video!