OK, that title needs a bit of editing – mostly change it from plural to singular, because the best kept Guitar Amp secret around Tamp – Saint Pete is..

Audio Rewind & More

I had a really nice Peavey Bandit 112 guitar amp I loved using, til one day after playing for about ten minutes, it suddenly got a lot louder.  After that, random volume changes became the norm.

While it was kinda fun in one way – I could tell my wife that it wasn’t my fault the thing got so loud!  🙂   On the other hand, I can’t sell an amp like that to a customer, so I searched for a solution.

That’s when I found Tim and Christina at Audio Rewind & More in Largo.  They have a little “hole in the wall” shop in a row of what seem to be rows of storage garages – at least from the back, which is how Google Maps brought me in.

Once you come to Ulmerton and Wildacres Rd, ignore Google and turn south on Wildacres then immediately look to your right and you’ll see the shop like in our photo above.

When we walked in, the crowded little shop was busy!  Three customers plus Jean and I.  As we chatted with the two other waiting customers, we learned that Tim and Christina are held in high regard and their work is second to none.

It was our turn in no time and when Christina asked what the problem with the Peavey was, I told her, with as straight a face as I could muster, “It suddenly started getting country & western stations and I want it to go back to rock!”

From behind the counter, and without missing a beat, Tim replied, “Well, unplug the Telecaster and plug in a Les Paul!”

Both Tim and Christina have a good sense of humor and make customers feel very welcome.  So if your amp is giving you problems, go see Tim and Christina!

I’m anxious to get my Peavey back, but I’ll miss being able to play loudly and having “an excuse”!

Christina & Tim

Christina & Tim


Great electronics service & great people!