AI writes guitar article dribble
Red text is my edits

It was bad enough when humans were spewing out misinformation articles in guitar websites and guitar magazines but it’s about to get WAY WORSE!

AI is here! You’ve probably already heard about ChatGPT – the artificial intelligence machine that can write articles, essays and more. But is artificial intelligence superior to human intelligence? (Wait – do you mean before or after I’ve had my morning coffee?)

I’ve been trying to help guitarists with their setup and repair problems for years, and Google barely acknowledges my existence, so when I see guitar articles in my Google News feed, I not only read for interest but also to see how they were chosen.

It’s not uncommon to come across human dribble – guitarists trying to act like they know guitar tech stuff, but now AI has gotten into the act. This was in my news feed –

Let’s check out some samples from that article –

One of the biggest advantages of using medium gauge strings is that they’re easier to bend. If you’re playing a lot of blues or rock, being able to bend the strings is essential. The downside to this is that they’re also more likely to break.


If they’re talking about acoustic guitars, which I assume since they mention Martin, “medium” gauge is #13. If you’re breaking 13’s with your bends, maybe you should switch to bass and cancel your LA Fitness membership!

And then there’s this –

FuelRocks dribble

I’ll bet you didn’t know that changing guitar strings has become a popular pastime! Or that the difference between an electric guitar and a “hardtail guitar” was in buzzing and string height! (I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.)

Be ready to come across much more of this kind of dribble and get your guitar advice only from reputable sources!