Level & Crown

There is a shortage of good guitar techs. Covid is keeping a lot of professional shops from hiring apprentices. Here’s a solution – my “Guitar Workbench Series” of manuals.

Manuals that shops can use to speed up the learning curve of apprentices. Manuals that can be used by someone wanting to start a guitar business from their home.

Manuals that can be opened and followed step-by-step and result in a professional job you can be proud of.

The “Level & Crown” 70 page manual is the first in my “Guitar Workbench Series”, and is available now on Amazon.com.

I believe you’ll find this to be the most no-nonsense, easy-to-follow, detailed level & crown manual ever printed.

Other books planned for this series include –

• Setup Manual
• Nuts
• Electronics
• Common Repairs

A “Guitar Business Series” is also in the works. Much of that material may be found on my GuitarFlipper.com website. Books planned for this series include –

• Starting Your Guitar Business
• Your Guitar Business Website
• Running a Profitable Guitar Biz From Your Home
• Policies and Procedures
• Social Media Marketing

A “How-To Restring Your Guitar” series is also in the works with “How to Restring Your Acoustic Guitar” available now.

Titles, etc. are subject to change. Books sold on this website will be in PDF format. Kindle format and printed paperback versions can be purchased on Amazon.com (links coming).

Got an idea for a book I need to write? Have you read one, or more of my books and want to post corrections, suggestions, etc.? Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to respond to everyone promptly.

I’ll update this page and advise as new books are published, so please stay tuned!