is one of the many guitar-industry websites I love to follow. But these “Best of…” articles such as the “Best electric guitars under $300 in 2022” article I linked to above, may cause the uninformed to spend their money in ways that aren’t really in their best interest.

Sure, all the guitars shown in the article are decent guitars and all are under $300. You know what else they have in common? They’re all “respected” brand names, and they’re all advertisers!

There’s gotta be a ton of young people out there, many with low-income jobs who would love to learn to play guitar. The price range of guitars in GW’s article is just above and below the $200 line.

That figure is double what a beginner could get a nice-looking guitar worthy of his practice time. But many readers will never know that. And that’s a shame.

You can get a nice Indio (by Monoprice) guitar online from just $90. Those Indios, in my opinion are every bit as good as entry range Squiers, Ibanez and Epiphones, and at half the price!

But a GW reader won’t learn that from this article and thus will either forego the guitar purchase or spend an extra $100 that they may have put to better use toward groceries or rent.

And Indio isn’t the only alternate brand missing from the article. Glarry, Grote, Rogue, Mitchell, First Act and Washburn all make decent entry-level guitars. I’m sure I’ve left out quite a few other brands, but you get the idea.

But they listed the “Best…”, you say. I love Squier and Ibanez cheap guitars. They’re really pretty good after a setup – and all guitars need a setup. But the Indio (just to pick a brand) matches the Squier in quality in every way.

And what about Firefly guitars? I’d rather have just about any model of Firefly than any of the guitars in this GW article, and most FF guitars sell under $200!

If TRUTH was required in articles, GW would have to add “Best Under $300 Guitars Offered by Our Advertisers”!