There’s going to be a lot of Christmas gift guitars this year, but many people don’t know that whether new or used, guitars need to be properly setup in order to play properly and comfortably.

A thorough, complete, professional setup is currently $70 (my rates), but for Christmas I’m offering a “Quick Setup – While You Wait” for just $20.

This applies only to inexpensive electric guitars that cost under $300 new. (I figure people with costly guitars can afford a proper setup).

Quick Setups will include overall inspection of your guitar and the following adjustments:

  • Nut slot filing to proper height
  • Relief (neck bow) adjustment of truss rod
  • Saddle height adjustment (string height)
  • String stretching
  • Tuning
  • Intonation

Done by appointment only. I’m available most days from 10am until 8pm.