Cigar Box Guitars

custom cigar box guitars

After checking out several cigar box guitars made by other people, I felt that more attention could have been paid to the things that make a guitar play and sound well.

Some were gorgeous, and I can only hope to build guitars that look as well. But still they left several areas where I felt the guitar could have been a better musical instrument.

I think a guitar should not just look great, it should feel and sound great too.

Sharp, uncomfortable fret ends and frets that aren’t level that can cause buzzing and dead notes, are unforgivable in my opinion.

So, of course the only thing to do is start my own line of cigar box guitars. They should have comfortable, straight necks; nuts and saddles with just the right string height; level frets; good tuner keys; quality pickups; and properly grounded strings.

And hopefully, they’ll look, feel and sound good too!

And since my goal is more to get people making music than to get rich, I’ll include an easy to use manual and a slide to get you playing in mere minutes!

So hang on – photos and more info coming soon! Or contact me for questions or custom orders.