Covid 19 Policies to Protect Our Customers

Covid-19 & Guitar Service, Palm Harbor

We’ve made some changes to protect our customers during this prolonged Covid thing. I work from home and I used to have customers come into our living room to try out guitars & amps or for guitar service issues.

Now, after alerting me that they’ve arrived, I greet customers and direct them to come around back to try out guitars, etc. as before, but in our screened-in lanai with fans overhead and keeping social distancing.

We keep paper towels, a cloth, alcohol to wipe guitars and hand sanitizer, on a table. An infrared sanitizing wand for sanitizing guitars, is available upon request.

In cases where I might be needed to come closer than six feet, I’ll wear a mask. Masking is optional for customers.

As always, we invite customers to try out a guitar or amp and make sure they’re comfortable with their purchase before accepting their money.

If you have questions about our Covid 19 policies or how we’re handling things, please don’t hesitate to write or call.