diy setup & repair

DIY Setups & Repairs

(Coming soon!)

Do Your Own Work!

Coming soon – a step-by-step, do it yourself guitar setups & repair section, with optional chat/video guidance!

I’m going to start with the easier stuff, like truss rod adjustments, saddle height adjustments, etc. and eventually move on to refrets and more.

If you get stuck, you’ll be able to posts questions with photos and get a response usually within 24 hours for FREE!

I’ll also be more immediately available via chat or video call, to walk you through the job at about $1 per minute. ($10 for 10 minutes, etc.)

For too many players, the cost of a good guitar tech has been out of reach.  But many of you are capable of doing most jobs yourself with just a little help.  

If you subscribe, I’ll eventually get around to sending out a monthly newsletter (hopefully by February 2022), letting you know what sections I’ve added that month, etc.

DIY guitar setups & repairs