I’ve previously complained about cheap hardware, horrendous setups and generally poor quality control on Epiphone Specials, including Special I and Special II models.

Well, in case you needed it, here’s more proof. The strings have cut deeply into this soft-metal wraparound bridge. So much so that it was difficult extracting b & e strings! And this guitar has barely been played! There is absolutely no visible fret wear.

Not that it matters, because I’m obviously going to replace the bridge anyway, AND file the nut slots low enough to allow proper intonation, AND adjust the truss rod AND set the saddle heights so this guitar will finally be able to be played comfortably.

Epiphone Special bodies are made of very soft basswood and the bridge posts and saddle buttons often work their way loose. Ibanez and Indio make their bodies out of poplar. Per woodweb.com – “Basswood has a hardness of 410 pounds, while yellow poplar (tulip poplar) is 540 pounds. Basswood is about 75% of the hardness of y-p (or y-p is 30% harder than basswood).”

You gotta wonder how much more popular guitar playing might be if companies stopped producing unplayable junk that turns people away from guitar!

Epiphone makes some decent models, but Specials aren’t among them!

Friends don’t let friends buy Epiphone Specials! For the same price, you can buy a decent Ibanez Gio, or Squier Bullet Strat. For much less money, you can buy an Indio guitar by Monoprice that will be much better made than this Epiphone Special!