I probably get the question at least twice each day – “Where’s the best place to start beginner guitar lessons?”

Until recently, I’ve had to say that I really didn’t know for sure. I have the name of an instructor in Dunedin that has been recommended to me by two of his students – each of whom have bought guitars from me. So that’s a good start. But that’s just one instructor in one location.

What about people who live out in Port Richey, Springhill, Wesley Chapel, etc.? We can’t expect them to drive to Dunedin every week. And I doubt that everybody is going to have the same needs and criteria.

So what about the Internet – YouTube, etc.? There are thousands of people offering guitar lessons online, but you could probably spend a solid year just researching them all. That year would better be spend in learning and practicing!

So let me save you that year! 🙂 Well, I’ve probably spent a few dozen hours researching and trying different online guitar lessons and I’ve found some that I can recommend.

Justin Guitar is probably on most every list of “Best Online Guitar Lessons“. I’ve watched several of his YouTube guitar lessons and I think he does a great job.

Different people have different ways they prefer to learn and some of you will insist on getting a “live human” guitar instructor – and that’s great!

But it is worth considering that by taking several online lessons first, you’ll get the simple, basic stuff out of the way without having to hand over your hard-earned cash. Once you reach a point where you’re starting to struggle and having to Google too many questions..maybe that’s the time to open the Yellow Pages and look for guitar instructors.

OK, for you younger kiddies, we’ll wait while you Google “yellow pages”…

I also like Steve Stine, especially for music theory. Here’s Steve on YouTube (click) and here’s his website (click)

Please don’t interpret any of this as saying you don’t need a “real guitar instructor”. I’m just saying that by getting the very basics out of the way (“Eddy Ate Dynamite, Good-Bye Eddy!”), you’ll probably save time and money and your (real) instructor will be able to start with “real” teaching.

Also, by having gone through several lessons with maybe one or two online instructors, you’ll have a better idea of what makes a good guitar instructor and what you should expect out of each lesson.

Got a different opinion? Want to recommend other online or brick-and-mortar instructors? Let me hear from you!