I couldn’t believe my ears so I said, “Wait! What!?!? Say that again!” The caller repeated the story of how he brought his vintage (and very expensive) guitar to Guitar Center because of a repeating electrical issue that various techs seem to have only been able to temporarily fix.

He said that the tech seemed apprehensive about doing electrical work on the guitar, but later messaged that he’d found something on YouTube that he thought might help him.

I’m unclear about the length of time that passed, but at some point the customer inquired about his guitar and was told he could pick it up.

But when he got to Guitar Center, they handed him the guitar with the electrical parts in a bag! They explained that the tech had been fired and..well..”Here’s your guitar.”

I’ll ask for more details when the customer brings me the guitar this weekend, but meanwhile – BEWARE! Be very careful where you bring your guitar for service. Always check for recent feedback and reviews.

And any tech that has to search YouTube for fixing electrical issues, really shouldn’t be doing this job professionally!