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  • Jeff Beck Sounds Like Jeff Beck, Even Through a Roland Cube!
    by Premier Guitar on November 25, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    Plus, how a used-car dealer reconnected Bryant with his custom pink Strat after five years apart and why Graham Whitford is overwhelmed by pedal choices, but notes one as his secret weapon.

  • Mod Garage: A Column About Guitar Strings? Yep!
    by Dirk Wacker on November 25, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    Welcome back to Mod Garage. I’ve wanted to cover this topic for a long time, but to be honest, I didn’t dare because it seems so trivial. I’m sure a lot of you already have a natural routine to assess tuning, but I receive guitars daily for repairs, and enhancing tuning stability is something I hear about a lot—on electric as well as acoustic guitars. There are many reasons why a guitar has problems staying in tune, but today we’ll discuss the simplest one: the strings.A column about […]

  • Municipal Waste Delivers OG Metal for the Party-Thrash Set
    by Freddy Villano on November 24, 2022 at 6:00 pm

    Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste is passionate about old-school metal. “I’m as much a fan as a player,” he attests, “so I try to keep as true to the roots as possible.” His allegiance to metal’s early days is loud and clear on Electrified Brain—the band’s most recent record—a 14-track, 34-minute explosion of vintage, full-throttle thrash at its finest. Leaning heavily into the sonic template forged by albums like Metallica’s Ride the Lightning and Slayer’s Reign in […]

  • Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi Review
    by Charles Saufley on November 24, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    If there is a single quality that distinguishes the music of Dinosaur Jr., it is the band’s knack for wedding brute force to heart-wrenching melodicism. And though much is made of the band’s volume, the most important pillars in Dinosaur Jr.’s musical architecture are the deceptively tuneful sensibilities of songwriter and guitarist J Mascis.Mascis and Dinosaur Jr.’s ability to graft Gene Clark’s sense of song to Motorhead’s megatonnage is a trick that can feel just short of […]

  • Rig Rundown: The Smashing Pumpkins [2022]
    by John Bohlinger on November 23, 2022 at 5:55 pm

    Thirty-one years after Gish, the Smashing Pumpkins are still exploring the architecture of sound in their often explosive and unpredictable songs. For their current Spirits on Fire Tour, Billy Corgan leads with his Reverend signatures and a few other carefully culled guitars, and Jeff Schroeder lends support with his fleet of Yamahas.The Smashing PumpkinsSmashing Pumpkins’ first two albums, Gish and Siamese Dream, were a huge part of the soundtrack for the early ’90s alternative rock […]

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  • Ultimate Guide to Building a Guitar Cabinet (Steps, Diagrams, FAQ)
    by Aaron Matthies on November 21, 2022 at 1:15 am

    Learn everything you need to know about building your own guitar speaker cabinet. Includes step-by-step instructions, wiring diagrams, and advice for different builds. The post Ultimate Guide to Building a Guitar Cabinet (Steps, Diagrams, FAQ) appeared first on Guitar Gear Finder.

  • Is Metal Guitar Hard to Learn? Beginner Metal FAQ
    by Aaron Matthies on November 2, 2022 at 3:59 am

    Find out how hard metal is to learn on guitar as a beginner. This guide answers common questions you might have about learning metal on guitar. The post Is Metal Guitar Hard to Learn? Beginner Metal FAQ appeared first on Guitar Gear Finder.

  • Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review
    by Aaron Matthies on October 15, 2022 at 7:23 am

    The Vangoa VPPD-S is a small pedalboard with built-in isolated power supply, LED audio level strip, and aluminum construction. Find out more about it in this review. The post Vangoa VPPD-S Pedalboard Review appeared first on Guitar Gear Finder.

  • IK Multimedia TONEX Review (AI Guitar Rig Modeler)
    by Aaron Matthies on October 5, 2022 at 11:06 am

    Find out how you can use TONEX access thousands of guitar pedal and amp models in this review. See step-by-step how easy it is to model your own gear. The post IK Multimedia TONEX Review (AI Guitar Rig Modeler) appeared first on Guitar Gear Finder.

  • 6 Steps to Learn Bass: How to Learn Bass Guitar for Beginners
    by Aaron Matthies on September 4, 2022 at 11:23 pm

    Find out how to start learning bass by following these easy 6 steps. Each step includes links to useful guides and lessons. The post 6 Steps to Learn Bass: How to Learn Bass Guitar for Beginners appeared first on Guitar Gear Finder.

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  • [Gear] I made a nut for my strat out of a plastic chopstick
    by /u/LeonWarrior on November 28, 2022 at 12:46 am

    As the title says: submitted by /u/LeonWarrior [link] [comments]

  • [QUESTION] How much of a gap between bridge and body is not okay in a new classical guitar ?
    by /u/Julie_mrrea on November 27, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Hello guitar lovers. I have gotten myself Alhambra classical guitar instead of alcohol and cigarettes and as a complete beginner i am very clueless what is normal and what constitutes a problem. The guitar has a slight gap between bridge and body that spans 1/5 -1/4 of bridge length in the center area. Corners are unaffected. As per image As you can see you can insert a sheet of paper in this area for a length of below 1/8 inch. Just the tip Edit: on level photo of the bridge and guitar costs ~400$ submitted by /u/Julie_mrrea [link] [comments]

  • [Question] learning triads. G D Em C question
    by /u/anonamouse504 on November 27, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    So I am using the 3 high strings (thinner so does that mean higher?) to learn my first triads I am doing G – 10 12 12 (a shape pentatonic) D – 10 10 11 (e shape pentatonic) Em – 9 8 7 (c shape pentatonic) C – 8 8 9 (e shape pentatonic) So I play the chords as full triads with a chord progression and they sound “correct” When I try to use the pentatonic shapes to play notes over the chord they don’t sound good sometimes. What should I be doing. I noticed this has a lot of overlap between shapes For example g to d the 10 is the same. So should I transition on that note (to the new pentatonic pattern) I also did the same progression up near the 5th fret with a similar question. Just figured since I started with the area by 12 I’d ask there Thank you so much for the help. I had a gap week of lessons due to thanksgiving and I’m dying to get in to the lesson this week to ask questions submitted by /u/anonamouse504 [link] [comments]

  • [NEWBIE] My first year of learning/playing guitar
    by /u/East-Permission-3800 on November 27, 2022 at 3:56 pm

    Thought I would try to summarize my impressions and experiences of learning to play the guitar this past year. I am 63 and retired, so I have quite a bit of time, but I had never played an instrument and have no musical background in my family. I am ‘right-brained’ and analytical – a scientist by profession. I am also a classic rock guy who has dreamed of playing some of my favorite songs and solos, but never had the money/time to do so. That said, I have pretty much stumbled through the past year and wanted to share so that other beginning guitarists might benefit from my experiences. First was my experience with getting set up with a guitar. I had read a bit online and knew I wanted to buy an inexpensive electric guitar. I settled on a Squier Bullet Strat hardtail to make it easy to keep in tune, light weight, and not a big financial problem if I decided to quit (not happening now!). I ended up buying a package deal that was on sale last November; with the Bullet, a Frontman 10G amp, tuner, strap, gig bag, picks, amp cable, and 3 months of Fender Play lessons. Well, I really liked the Bullet and the amp is pretty nice for practicing, but the strap and amp cable were pretty much junk out of the box. Luckily my family bought me a better amp cable and strap for Christmas along with a capo and some more picks. If I had to do it again, I would have bought these items separately and did a bit more research on practice amps (I was not on Reddit at the time!). BTW, the Fender gig bag is pretty nice for traveling… The Fender FCT-2 tuner also works well although it has problems with the screen dimming at times. I also see now that there are other options for a beginner’s guitar, but am fairly happy with the Bullet strat (more later). I also bought a cheap stand so the guitar can sit there looking me in the eye every day. Next, I began searching the internet for lessons and found that there are A LOT of folks out there selling online and in person lessons, from free to very expensive. Very confusing for someone with no experience. Since I had 3 months of access on Fender Play, I started there and was pleasantly surprised that it suited my needs as a raw beginner. Very simple, structured and a good combination of basic instruction, basic theory, and easier songs to play. Encouraged by this, I then purchased an entire year of Fender Play access during their half off sale at Christmas (~$50). Fender Play has served me well for the very first stages of my journey, but I will not be purchasing an additional year of access after finishing their series of beginner lessons and finding that there are currently no lessons for advanced beginners. Not sure about anyone else, but the first few weeks and months of practicing was brutal, both physically and mentally. My fingers were not prepared for the sheer pain of the metal strings. My brain was not prepared for the sheer infinity of what it means to play music on a guitar. Learning all the basic open chords was a challenge at first since my fingers would quickly give up in pain. I also wondered how I was ever going to be able to strum with the right hand and play/change chords on the left. I felt so uncoordinated. I clutched the fretboard so hard, my left hand ached after a short practice. And most importantly, I sounded terrible. So easy to quit at this stage – I had no idea… Fender Play did help. It was enticing to see that I could play the rudiments of a song or riff, albeit slowly and usually not in rhythm. It also gave me focus through the pain and anguish. Calluses formed, peeled off, and formed again. I began to relax a bit and get the hang of strumming. Chord changes became the issue then and still haunt me. I began working through the various open chord changes over and over for the entire practice, obsessed with getting them right at higher speeds. I have since learned that slower and perfect is way better than faster and sloppier. Fender Play has a metronome built into its lessons, but I knew I needed my own metronome to make practicing more structured and to improve my strumming and rhythm. I did not like any of the online or app-based metronomes so I decided to buy a metronome. Rather than just a metronome, I chose a multiple effects pedal (ZOOM G1XFour) so I had a drummer/metronome, tuner, short looper, and some basic effects to play with. I can see now why many instructors have stated “metronome, metronome, metronome” to beginner guitarists – there was no way I could have moved forward without one. I am now a fan of the Shuttle and Rockabilly drummers on my effects pedal! Back on the guitar itself, I learned to change strings and make a few adjustments to the guitar (pickup height, string height) to make it sound better to me. I very much like this part of the experience and for a inexpensive guitar, I think the Bullet plays very well right out of the box. I also liked experimenting with the 5-way switch on the Bullet to see how the tone changed as I changed the pickup selection. I have not had the guitar into a shop for a setup, but may do this at some point. Practicing is like riding on a rollercoaster to me. Sometimes I feel like I am progressing and learning at a good pace, and other times I just feel stuck and demoralized. I hear a song that I think that would be simple and fun to play, look up the tabulature for the song and immediately find that the song is way too hard for me to play at the right speed. Play it slower – it sounds like crap. Play it the right speed – it sounds like crap. Give up. Find an easier song – I can play it moderately well, but I’m not that interested in it and give up trying to improve my playing of it. I become much more interested in noodling around with the guitar to see what new sounds I can make. Noodling makes me feel less confident in playing songs. Too late to quit now. Fender Play was not enough to satisfy my curiosity. There is so much to learn and so much of it is on the internet. I start looking at other sites to see what they offer in terms of lessons. I tried Guitar Mastery Method as they advertise playing up and down the fretboard, which sounds exciting. A good site, but much of the material is above my skill level. However, I did acquire an appreciation of focusing practice with a goal in mind and separating practice into separate time segments. As suggested on Reddit, I tried Justin Guitar and found it very good – lots of insights into playing your own music, learning new songs and experiencing a wide range of playing techniques. Justin also emphasizes transcription and development of your musical ear, which I found enlightening. I started to strum the rhythm in key to songs playing on my Pandora stations. I also sampled some of the Music Theory for Guitar site to get lessons on soloing and chord tones. All good information as I came to realize that imitating others is not the goal, but finding your own sound is much more enjoyable as you progress in learning to play. I began to investigate triads as well as soloing within the pentatonic scales. I also miraculously start sounding better, even to my wife who has been enduring all of my practices these past months! Who would want to quit. I got on a bit of gear kick and put a loaded pick guard (SSS to HSS) in the Bullet. Also installing locking tuners. Not sure if it matters to the sound, but it was fun to learn how. I still try to practice at least 30 minutes per day and mostly get about 1 hour in. Currently working on learning notes along the entire fretboard, barre chords, chord progressions, pentatonic scales, and a few new songs. I have been specifically working on bends and slides within the pentatonic framework and within some new riffs. An amazing journey in just 12 months – so far along and so far to go. I am still working up the courage to play with others online or in-person. I am also working on recording my playing so I can evaluate my progress and possibly share with others. Not enough confidence, yet… Looking forward to the coming year! submitted by /u/East-Permission-3800 [link] [comments]

  • [Question] Tube distrotion not work properly
    by /u/MrPotatoBraBra on November 27, 2022 at 7:20 am

    I use my tube distrotion with Fender mustang lt 50 by direct connect [Lt50 no retrun ch] so i use Super clean preamp and direct to tube distrotion sound that i get is low to mid gain distrotion but this tube distrotion suppose to give high gain distrotion i don’t know what happen anything to do with preamp ‘Super Clean’ from Lt50? submitted by /u/MrPotatoBraBra [link] [comments]

  • [QUESTION] Sharpening Curved Floyd Knife Edges (NOT ibanezrules)
    by /u/AloriKk on November 27, 2022 at 5:39 am

    That guy is a goddamn fountain of information, except only goes into, very tangentially, how to exactly go about filing curved knife edges and says he intends to update with that information. Everywhere on the internet I can find points to this page which isn’t purely relevant for Floyd Rose Original users with two curved edges, as the page was geared towards Ibanez users. Does anyone have any walkthrough esk informationals about filings curved knife edges? Should they be .33mm thick, backcut in a certain way, etc? submitted by /u/AloriKk [link] [comments]