Premier Guitar just posted one of the best/worst guitar pickup articles I’ve ever read. No, that wasn’t a typo. And Yes, I’ve had my coffee this morning.

How can this guitar pickup article be “best/worst”, you ask?

It has some of the most detailed, if somewhat nerdy and a bit “heavy” information about how a guitar magnetic pickup works, but fails to put that information in perspective for guitar players.

While really getting into the magnetic pickup weeds, explaining why hand wound, crisscross windings may not affect your guitar’s pickups after all, the article fails to follow through and draw more conclusions that could help guitar players make pickup buying decisions.

To kind of fill in the “conclusion gap” and help with your guitar pickup buying decisions, visit Darrell Braun over on YouTube and watch his fascinating comparison of a set of 3 $15 pickups vs a set of 3 $150 pickups. (You may wish to short some Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio stock right afterwards! 🙂