Guitar Repair Services

Tampa / St Pete Guitar Service, Repairs, Setups

Fast, economical and friendly guitar repair & setup services for Tampa / St Petersburg / Clearwater / Palm Harbor / Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas

Tampa Guitar Service

Restring - $25

Most popular service in Tampa / St Pete & Palm Harbor!

Restring, stretch, tune & intonate 6-string guitar. Add $10 for FR systems)

If not furnishing strings, add $10 for D’Addario or Ernie Ball strings #9 or #10.

Same-day service if received by 11am, otherwise next-day.

St Pete Guitar Service

Setup - $70

Set-ups include diagnostics, dress and polish frets, clean fret board, tighten hardware & restring, and.. 

File nut slots, truss rod adjustment, float or deck tremolo as requested, and..

Adjust action, set intonation, check & clean electronics, adjust pick ups heights, detail, clean and polish.

Floyd Rose and similar, add $15.
Add $10 for strings, unless provided.  

Tampa / St Pete Guitar Service & Repair

Nut Replacement - $40

Includes cost of plastic nut. Bone nut or artificial bone nut $10, customer’s choice.   

Service includes resetting intonation and restringing guitar.

If your guitar has worn frets, a bowed neck, or an ill fitting saddle, expect additional cost to correct these problems.

I may not install a new nut if other problems are not also addressed

Fret Level & Crown - $75

Greatly extend your guitar’s life! Frets will look like new; slow down fret wear & stop buzzing.  Service includes leveling, crowning, polishing, clean & condition fretboard.  Requiers complete setup (see Setup info).  Supply your choice of strings or add $10 for D’Addario or Ernie Ball’s.  Offering professional fret leveling & crowning service in Tampa / St Pete metro area.

Miscellaneous Services - $35+

$35 is the minimum fee for all jobs except restring jobs.

Services not otherwise listed – wiring, etc., will be based on a rate of $35 per hour, capped at $75 unless otherwise agreed.  Low rates  for Tampa / St Pete area and I give your guitar all the time it needs, because I have almost no overhead!

Set Appointment

Call me at (727) 512-0006 or send me a message via my contact page.

Terms & Conditions“Receipts” for guitars left for service are given via text, FB Messenger or email.  Whichever form of communiction is used (customer’s choice), it is agreed that the same form of communication will be used to notify the customer when the job is finished.  Items left more than fourteen (14) days from notice that item is ready to be picked up, will each be charged one dollar per day for storage from the fourteenth day.  Items left more than six months (180) days may be sold to satisfy repairs and storage fees.

Note:  I do not accept accessory items such as gig bags, straps, etc. when you leave your guitar for service and I will not be responsible for such items that are inadvertently left.  I accept just the guitar unless your receipt specifically includes mention and photo of other items.   Not responsible for minor scratches, etc. that may occur incidental to work being done.  For any other claims, liability is limited to amount of invoice.