1996 MIJ Deluxe Anniversary Telecaster – 3 pickups


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1996 MIJ Deluxe Anniversary Telecaster with 3 pickups, contoured body (Strat-style), and a real collector prize!  Fender Japan (MIJ-Made in Japan) made some fantastic guitars. The 1996 Deluxe Custom Anniversary Models were no exception.

This is a Honey-Burst Foto-Flame model with a Basswood cap on Alder wood, Rosewood fretboard, beveled body (front and back), 2 Strat Pickups with a Tele bridge pickup using a 6-saddle “USA style” bridge plate, and 21 small-medium frets with a 62 style C radius—really a comfortable neck.

For some reason all of these came stock from the factory with the control plate turned around backward!
They also have accurate reproduction of the slotted vintage Kluson style tuners, which allows you to put the string down inside the hole on the top to help prevent the string from slipping (or poking an eye out!).
These Teles are not to be confused with the 3 pickup Nashville Teles which have Tele neck and bridge pickups, with a Strat pickup sandwiched in between. These DX Teles come stock with 2 Strat pickups and a Tele bridge pickup.
These Fender guitars came from the Japanese Fuji Gen Gakki factory that is making the $2,000.00 Ibanez guitar.

This guitar is scheduled to be setup, thoroughly checked out, restrung, etc. before delivery as priced.