Super Squire Stratocaster, 7 pickup positions + treble bleed

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Super Squire Stratocaster, 7 pickup positions + tone control for all pickups + treble bleed.   Added switch lets you lock neck pickup on to give two extra playing options – neck + bridge and all three pickups at once.

Middle pickup tone control also controls bridge pickup, which has no control on stock Squiers and most Mexican Fender Strats.  This makes the bridge pickup much more useable and opens many new possiblities for you.

Treble bleed is an option found on many Fender American Stratocasters, but never on Squiers or Mexican made Fenders.  A treble bleed greatly enhances your tone throughout your volume range.

Squiers come stock with string guides that account for 90% of the friction on your strings and creates most of your tuning stability issues (not your tuner keys!).  Roller string guides eliminate that problem and lets your guitar stay in tune.

Has top quality mylar capacitor for tone, instead of cheap ceramic caps.  Control and pickup cavities are shielded from EMF interference, reducing hum annoyance.

These added features are what makes this a “Super Squier” instead of an everyday, boring Squier guitar.

Professionally setup on 02DEC2020, new strings (Ernie Ball #9) stretched, tuned and intonated.  All frets are level, no fret wear, smooth fret ends.  Nut slots cut to factory specs for better intonation.