Digitech GNX1 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

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GNX1 GeNetX Guitar Processor gives you a raft of amp and cab models that you can morph into hybrids that are only limited by your imagination.

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Don’t just model – create! The folks at DigiTech have developed a genuinely new and bold advance in guitar effects with the unveiling of the ultracool GNX1 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal. Not only does the GNX1 GeNetX Guitar Processor give you a raft of amp and cab models, the real story is that you can take those models and morph them into hybrids that are only limited by your imagination. You can, for example, take a crunchy stack sound then merge it with a sustain-drenched cab model and save it as a completely unique hybrid. In performance, you can toggle between the 2 to create dazzling morphing effects. And this isn’t simple fading, you are actually moving between 2 distinct amp/cab models creating an array of incremental sounds along the way. This Digitech device allows you to alter cabinet resonance and size with cabinet tuning to create entirely new amp and cab combos. It’s loaded with studio-quality effects with eleven of them available at the same time. You might expect that a feature-laden multi effects pedal like this would require a steep learning curve. But with the GNX1’s highly intuitive, user-friendly knob interface and LED display, you’ll catch on quick in learning fast pathways to creativity. PC/Mac editor/librarian software is included so you can easily save models to your computer. Get your GNX1 Guitar Effects Pedal and start building a one-of-a-kind roomful of amps and cabs. With the Digitech GNX1, you don’t just select and play models. You creatively recombine various portions of models into new “hypermodels.” The Processor delivers more creative power than conventional modeling tools. Lets you create new tones as unique as your own DNA. The DigiTech GNX1 features amplifier channel switching, 24-bit converters, adds on studio-quality effects (up to eleven at once), comes loaded with 48 factory presets, a rhythm trainer, built-in expression pedal, and Learn-A-Lick phrase trainer.

  • Breaks down amp, cab, and effects models into components that can be recombined in new ways
  • Proprietary chip produces unique hybrid amp and cab models
  • Amp and cabinet warping
  • Create amp and cabinet combinations that you can save and trade online with other users
  • Amp channel switching
  • 24-bit A/D/A converters
  • Eleven simultaneous studio-quality effects: Pickup Simulation, Compressor, Wah, Amp and Acoustic Guitar Models, Three-Band Semi-Parametric EQ, Noise Gate, Auto Swell, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Triggered Flanger, Triggered Phaser, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Detune, Whammy, YaYa, Auto Ya, Synth Talk, Envelope Filter, Panner, Rotary Speaker, Analog Delay, Ping Pong Delay, and Reverb
  • 48 user and 48 factory presets
  • User-friendly knob/matrix interface
  • Rhythm trainer
  • Built-in expression controller
  • Learn-A-Lick phrase trainer