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This Fender Zone is a 4 string, fretted electric bass guitar, introduced in 2001.

It has a slightly lighter and smaller body than previous Fender basses. The 2004 models were made of solid Mahogany and Walnut or Alder and Maple timbers and have a pair of Zone humbucking pickups powered by an 18V active 3-band preamp. Part of the best-selling Fender American Deluxe Series, the Zone Bass replaced the Japanese P-Bass Lyte Deluxe (which featured a mahogany body, an active humbucking Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge position and a single 9V powered 3-band active EQ preamp), which was gone a year earlier.

The Mexican made Fender Zone bass is essentially the same design as the Fender Precision Bass Lyte, which was manufactured in Japan, except for the addition of a set of custom-wound hum-cancelling P/J pickups and a three-band active EQ powered by a single 9V battery. The J-style bridge unit is a customized version of a pre-2004 Deluxe Active Jazz Bass pickup. On the five-string Zone, it’s a Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass pickup with solid covers. The Zone replaced the P-Bass Lyte after its discontinuation in late 2000. A five-string version of the Mexican Zone Bass was launched in 2005. Both the American and Mexican Zone basses were discontinued from the Fender pricelist at the end of 2006.

This Guitar

Serial number: MZ4246919
Production year: 2004 or 2005
Made in Ensenada, Mexico

This Fender Zone Bass Guitar has been professionally setup and checked out.  All frets are level.  Truss rod/nut are good.  Nut slots are cut to factory specs.  Flatwound strings.  Gotoh tuner keys.

This is my wife’s current favorite bass guitar and she plays it most evenings.

The bad: 

  • Various chips in the body, mostly around the bottom.  The chips on front have been painted over to (almost) match.
  • One knob is missing.  The two larger knobs are not original, but they do have set screws and are the right size, but domed top instead of flat.
  • The blend control has some gaps, especially in the middle where you play both P and J pickups, but it’s not difficult to get it set and it does stay.
  • One tuner key is missing it’s cover plate.
  • PC Boards have a high failure rate.

It seems you can no longer get this original pc board (0054137000), but there is a Fender replacement offered (Item Number: 0056012008) for $77 that has all but one pan pot (100k).

When boards go bad, I generally just rewire as passive, keeping the pickups but changing out all pots and wiring.   Due to it being an active system, I do not guarantee the electronics in this guitar.  And since it seems to have a few gaps in the blending, I would not recommend buying unless you are prepared to either replace the board or rewire as passive.

As with all my guitars, if you are buying online rather than in person, and if aesthetics are important to you, please understand that I sell (mostly) used guitars and they are likely to have some wear and tear on the finish.  If this is important to you, please ask about the condition and ask for more photos.