How to Restring Your Acoustic Guitar (PDF)




Quick, simple, detailed, step-by-step guide with lots of photos.  You can do this!

There are certain types of guitar maintenance that players should not attempt unless they are willing to spend the time to properly learn and spend the money on the right tools.

But all players should know how to correctly restring their instruments.

I can remember many years ago, how I would put the dreaded job off for as long as possible.

Yes, that was back in the “cat-gut” days – saber-tooth, actually!

The pack of strings would sit on a shelf for weeks until my wife was tired of seeing it and I’d be forced to finally install them – a process that seemed to take half a day and involve at least two Band-Aids!

This is the “How-To” I wish I’d had back then. My wish is to reduce the time for you to less than twenty minutes and no more than one Band-Aid!

This book covers ball-end type metal strings.  A book for classical-style guitar restringing for nylon strings is in future plans.  Product is downloadable PDF file.  Your download link will be valid for one day.