Partscaster Stratocaster, MIK neck, Fender Alnico Pickups & more



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Partscaster Stratocaster, MIK neck, Fender Alnico Pickups & more.   New Klusen tuner keys, New Fender Player series Alnico pickups, all new electronics & new wiring – new 5-way switch, new CTS potentiometers, new treble retention circuit, etc.  Tone control for all pickups.  And a brand-new bone nut!

I gave this guitar a complete, professional setup, ensuring all frets were level, truss rod in great condition and adjusted properly and decked (1-way tremolo) the bridge for tuning stability, but I can float (2-way) it for you if you prefer.

Korean Squiers are highly praised – not for their plywood bodies, nor their cheap tuner keys and cheap pickups, but for the great necks.  So, being a retired guitar tech, I replaced the plywood body with a basswood body from an Affinity Squier.

The pickups came from a customer who had just purchased a brand-new Fender Player series Stratocaster and wanted his pickups “upgraded” to Dimarzios, so I bought the Fender pickups from him, so I can vouch that these are true Fender Alnico pickups, brand new.

The tuner keys had been sitting in a drawer, in a box with “Klusen” handwritten on the top.  These look like Klusens and feel like Klusens but I can’t verify beyond what I’ve stated.

This is a great playing, great sounding Strat.  Come see for yourself!

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