Guitar Setup




I refuse to do partial guitar setups (just set saddle heights, etc.), complete setups only.

  • Thoroughly inspect guitar for issues
  • Check & set neck relief
  • Check nut slot heights, file as needed
  • Check every fret from E to e for level
  • Dress sharp fret ends
  • Check all screws, bolts, etc. tighten as needed
  • Check output jack & repair as needed
  • Check shielding & grounds.  Address issues
  • Check & clean electronics, pots, switches, etc.
  • Clean & condition fretboard
  • Polish frets
  • Clean & polish guitar
  • Install new strings, stretch & tune
  • Set string heights (saddles)
  • Set intonation

If a floating tremolo is desired, let me know your preferences.  I can either float, deck or lock down the trem for you (making your Strat a “hardtail”) in a non-permanent manner.

Add $20 for Floyd Rose & comparable (Any bridge that does not have screw-adjustable intonation).  Add $10 for strings if not supplied.  We use only top-rated strings (D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, etc.) and we very lightly coat electric guitar strings for corrosion resistance.