Squier Slayer Stratocaster, black (Brand-New!)



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Brand-New Squier Slayer Stratocaster – black on black, a bit lighter than a Squier and with all the features of an American Fender Stratocaster!

Custom cut & filed graphite nut provides good intonation and tuning stability.  Professionally setup.  New D’Addario #9 strings, stretched, tuned and intonated.  7 pickup positions, treble retention circuit, fast-action fuse for your protection from faulty amplifiers, roller string guides, satin finish on back of neck.

Frets all level with smooth fret ends and polished surfaces.

Note:  I have limited quantity.  It may be awhile before I restock these, if ever – due to procurement issues.  There’s a good chance that I’ll change sources which may change the look, price, etc., when I order more.

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