Super Squier Strat, HSS, black on black



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Super Squier Fat Strat, HSS – all brand-new electronics (loaded pickguard).  Has American Fender Stratocaster features: 7 pickup positions, tone control for bridge pickup, treble retention circuit for stable tone control, roller string guides for tuning stability, PLUS safety fuse for protection from faulty amps, house wiring, etc.

No fret wear!  Professionally checked out and setup on 17 SEP 2021.  New D’Addario #9 strings, stretched, tuned and intonated.   Every fret is level from E to e, fretboard cleaned and conditioned, frets polished.  Guitar is setup to Dan Erlewine (Stewmac) specs for fast, low, no-buzz action.  Nut slots filed to spec for good intonation up and down the neck.

This guitar is by far better than any brand-new Squier sold today!  Come try it out and see for yourself.  Covid precautions being taken.

I have several guitar amps for sale also from $30 to $199 if you need one.

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