Squier Stratocaster, Affinity Series, Ivory

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Squier Stratocaster, Affinity Series, Ivory – professionally setup on Jan 12, 2021. This guitar has been thoroughly checked out and setup.

Pickups, controls, switch – all electronics are brand-new!

No fret wear. All frets are level. Nut slots have been filed down to specs (they generally come high from the factory), fret ends have been filed smooth; neck relief has been adjusted to 0.010″; string heights have been adjusted from 0.065 (E) to 0.055 (e).

In other words, this guitar has great, low, no-buzz action!

New D’Addario #9 strings have been stretched, tuned and intonated. Bridge is floated at 3/32″ above deck for two-way tremolo use. This guitar looks great, feels great and plays great!