Re-String (up to 7 strings)




Remove old strings, clean & condition fretboard and polish frets, tighten loose tuners and hardware, stretch strings, tune to pitch and polish guitar. Cost of strings is not included.  This covers 6-string electric guitars, acoustic guitars (including classical guitars) and basses (up to 6 strings).

This service also covers banjos, mandolins (even though they have 8 strings), dulcimers, ukuleles and lapsteels.  I stock strings for each of these instruments and are generally $10 per set unless you bring your own.

Unless specified by customer, strings will generally be D’Addario #9 for electric guitars, brand-name #12 strings for acoustics, and appropriate strings for banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, ukuleles, etc.

Turnaround time for re-string service is next-day unless otherwise specified.  New strings need stretching & settling-in time, that’s why I like to keep them overnight.