Super Squier, red, 7 Switch positions, bridge tone control, roller guides & Locking Tuner Keys



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Fender Super Squier, 7 Switch positions (adds neck + bridge & all 3 pickups), bridge tone control, roller guides for better tuning stability + full-size potentiometers and what appear to be upgraded (but no-name) pickups & Locking Tuner Keys for great tuning stability and a brand-new, fancy pickguard!

Professionally setup on 10 August 2020, new D’Addario #9 strings, stretched, tuned and intonated for playing perfection.  All frets are level from E to shining e!  Nut slots cut down to specs for great intonation.

Plenty of dings (mostly covered with long-lasting nail polish that almost matches the body color!)  🙂  So nobody will mistake this for a brand-new guitar!