Vox AD120VTX Guitar Amp with Matching External Cabinet (Speakers) 4×12 total



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Vox Valvetronix AD120VTX 2x60W 2X12 Guitar Combo Amp with matching 2×12 external speaker cabinet.  The amp part alone sold for $1199 in 2003 !  Has that awesome Vox sound, modeling effects, etc.  In excellent condition.  Selling both pieces together only.  (Note: pedal board is gone)

Plenty of power and sounds like all the amps you’ve ever loved!

Long known for excellence in amplifiers, Vox once again steps forward with their new Vox AD120VTX NeoDog 2×12 Combo Amp. In creating the Valvetronix modeling amps, their goal was clear: design a versatile amp line that sounds and feels great. Marrying the tube tone that made Vox famous with breakthrough digital modeling technology from Korg results in a completely new kind of modeling amp – one that not only re-creates the sound, but actually changes itself to model each and every power amp on its list. And what a list! Vox (naturally), Fender, Marshall, Boogie, and more. Built-in pedal effects and digital ambient effects. 2 – 12″ neodymium NeoDog speakers combined with a closed-back cab produce pounding punch with crystalline clarity.

Shipping – to calculate shipping costs, take the dimensions of the amp, add a couple inches all around for packaging and maybe a few extra pounds then multiply by two (to add the cabinet).  Rough guess – $350 to west coast.

Amp info:
Dimensions: 27-1/2″W x 22″H x 10-1/2″D
Weight: 57-3/4 lbs.

Cabinet is about same size, maybe just a little lighter.

If you buy this online, be sure you are willing to either pickup in Palm Harbor or willing to pay actual costs of packaging and shipping, in addition to the listed price.  Processing company is no longer doing no-charge refunds, so only 95% can be refunded if you purchase in error.