If it’s too good to be true.. Yeah, we’ve all heard that one, and the rule almost always holds up.  So when I saw this beautiful “Fender Telecaster” guitar on Craigslist, with a Fender logo on the headstock and a $250 price, I’ll admit I was tempted.  ( That Craigslist ad did NOT say “copy”! )

But I’ve learned that whenever the seller claims to not know much about an item, they’re usually just trying to create an alibi – a way to disavow guilt from the fraud they’re trying to foist onto you.

Fender telecaster hollow body 12 string..I got it from one of my students so I don’t know a lot about it. It plays good..comes with a locking strap and soft case

My wife, Jean, did some quick Google-sleuthing and learned that Cozart – a company that sells cheap Chinese guitars, had actually made this one.  I found a new Cozart Telecaster-style guitar on Amazon selling for just $119 with gig bag and 10 watt amp!

cheap guitarsAnd then, there it was – this beautiful 12-string Tele hollow-body, selling on eBay, brand-new for just $125!

So, not only was somebody probablly trying to double their money by selling you a cheap, but beautiful, guitar they’d just bought for $125, but they were selling it with a Fender logo, to dupe you even more!

People didn’t let him get away with this for long and the Craigslist ad has been removed.  And, most likely due to a proper chastising, the seller now has it posted on LetGo (and probably other sites) at the same $250 price, but with the photos cropped so you can no longer see the Fender decal and the ad now says it’s a “Fender copy”.

Digging deeper, and past  the phoney reviews, we found that the bridges are cheap, pickups are awful and they are difficult or even impossible to properly intonate.  Also, many cosmetic issues like cracks in the clearcoat.

If it seems too good to be true..