Can a $99 Guitar Be Really Good???

I’ve unboxed and reviewed Harley Benton Teles, Squiers, SX’s, Glarrys, etc. and laid each one on the bench and given you facts – measurements and facts through the eyes of a guitar tech. Not just opinions like guitar players who pickup and play the guitar and tell you how it “feels” and “sounds”. Feelings and sounds are too subjective. But high nut slots, misplaced bridges, uneven frets, etc. are facts – not opinions.

In the above mentioned brands, the Squier came off as best quality in the low price range and the Glarry won “Best Bang for the Buck”. But, once the mortal flaws of the Indio are fixed, I think we’ve just knocked Squier off the mantle – and Glarry too.

This Indio Telecaster may have just won “Best Quality” (in the sub $250 range) and “Best Bang for Buck”. But those flaws aren’t just “flaws” – they’re “FLAWS”! Flaws that the average player – especially a new player – is unlikely to be able to resolve without help.

But don’t let me give the show away. Put some popcorn on the stove, get comfy on the sofa and watch this exciting video! (OK, maybe not so exciting – but pretty informative.)

At the end, I compare to a Fender Player Telecaster, so stay awake!