One of the “side benefits” about this business of buying/repairing/settingup/ used guitars is that you meet such wonderful people and sometimes famous people, like Jim Foster, the country song writer.

Good thing there are side benefits, cause the “paying benefits” ain’t so great!  But if I’ve gotta make minimum wage, working with guitars and guitarists sure beats being a Walmart greeter!

There I go down a “side road” again, so back to side benefits – Yesterday we sold a Marshall guitar amp to a fella who lived a good ways off.  I was buying a guitar not too far from the midway point between us, so I offered to meet him at McDonalds on Hwy 52 in Hudson.

This energetic, pony-tailed gentleman looking about 60 or so, shows up with his beautiful wife and we start chatting while transferring the amp from my car to his.

Imagine my surprise to learn that I am chatting with the one and only Jim Foster – the songwriter who wrote hits like “Meet Me In The Middle” by Diamond Rio, and “Refried Dreams” by Tim McGraw!

And turns out he’s a good bit older than 60 (don’t worry Jim, I won’t give your age away!)  🙂    Something about writing great songs must keep you looking young!

You can learn more about Jim and his work at

Jim currently owns “Very Busy Productions” where he is Songwriter – Producer and Publisher – all of which must keep Jim “Very Busy” because he doesn’t seem to have a website or social media account setup yet.  But keep an ear out for Jim Foster, ’cause I have a feelin he ain’t quite done creating great sounds!