One of the great things about getting 52mpg (Kia Niro) is that we don’t have to worry about driving distance as we wander throughout central Florida, seeking the best electric guitar deals for our customers.

Today we drove to the King of Falafel restaurant, near Busch Gardens to take a look at Abu Ahmad’s Korean Fender Telecaster, a blue flame mapel beauty.  But we were as delighted with the food, atmosphere and company as with the guitar!

I’d never been to a Mediterranean restaurant before, and because my daughter is gently prodding us to go vegan, I ordered the falafel wrap.  Jean ordered the chicken wrap.

As we savored the great flavors, Abu entertained us with Ode to Joy and other classical pieces on his acoustic guitar.

I wish I’d gotten a photo of the painting on the wall.  It’s a sanddune from a low angle, over looking the sea.  It was so beautiful and had so much realistic detail that I thought it was a photo and went closer to see how he got such great depth of field on the focus.

Well, not only was it a painting, but Abu painted it!  So much talent in one man!

So, when you find yourself near Busch Gardens, be sure and drop in to King of Falafel, North 30th Street, Tampa, FL – (813) 609-3420 – and tell Abu that Hank said “Hi!”.  And if you’re miles away, it’s worth the drive even if you don’t have  a Kia Niro!  🙂

Oh, and the Korean Fender with the beautiful transparent blue, flame maple body and matching headstock?  I’m putting new strings on, doing a complete setup with intonation, etc. and will have her ready to show by Wednesday.  Come try her out!