Learn Guitar In 1 Week!

Play Guitar in Just 1 week!

Here’s the method taught to me by a country music genius down in Louisiana – the method that had me playing rhythm (campfire-style) guitar in just seven days!

Yes, it’s full of cheats and shortcuts that would have many guitar instructors grinding their teeth – but it works!

It’s fine to be taught all the “correct” methods, the way to hold the guitar, which knee it should be placed on; to learn all the scales and a bunch of music theory – but you know what’s even better? To be playing guitar right now and having fun!

You can learn all that “correct stuff” later, but why not learn to Play Guitar Now!

Here’s your link – Play Guitar Now!

I wrote this article quite some time ago. I’ve since had time to remember more, take notes and collaborate with another friend who learned this method from my late friend, Mike Murphy – which is all in the book.

Hank Castello

Guitar teachers and online courses drive me nuts! They all seem to want to start off with chords that are hard to learn and music theory more boring than your high school history class!

I want you to be playing guitar and having FUN by next week and here’s how we’re gonna do it –

You’re going to learn three (fairly) easy chords. And you don’t even have to know how to read music to play them! No matter what style of music you like – folk, country, rock, etc. – you’re going to be strumming 3 chords, that can work with nearly every song ever written and you’ll be singing along in just a few days.

Free, easy guitar course
No need to learn music notation

And once you’ve learned these little basic things – a few chords & strumming – it becomes so much easier to add a little more and get a little more advanced, and have even more fun learning to play guitar each month. And THEN you’ll be ready to take it to the next step with an instructor or online course for more advanced learning.

But the most important thing is that after learning how to play guitar with these 3 chords, you’ll probably never give up on playing because YOU CAN PLAY!

The key to learning guitar (or any instrument) is practice. And if you’re not having fun, it’s hard to “make time” for practice! It’s funny how all those excuses (I’ve got to do laundry, mow the lawn, etc.) melt away when practice is fun! (But you may need to hire a lawn care service!)

So, what I’ve done is create a “Jump-Start” course for people who want to pick up a guitar and be playing in no time.

You’ve probably seen ads for learn to play guitar courses like that before, but I’m not charging money for the course and I don’t intend to come out with a later course that I charge for. I just want you to start playing.

I might make a few pennies (at no cost to you) if you buy a music book from one of my links. And since I sell used guitars that I’ve thoroughly checked out and setup, you might want to buy a good instrument from me. But I’m not trying to make money off this short, little Jump-Start Course – I just want you to fulfill that dream you’ve always had of playing guitar!

Let’s do this in three parts (links added as each section is completed) –

  1. Choosing a Guitar
  2. The Parts of Your Guitar
  3. Easy Guitar Chords
  4. C – Your first guitar chord
  5. G – Your second guitar chord
  6. F – Your 3rd guitar chord
  7. Learn to Strum
  8. Play some easy guitar songs
  9. Your third guitar chord
  10. Play LOTS of easy guitar songs!
Map to used guitar store

If you live in the Tampa / Saint Petersburg area and want to try out an electric guitar, call, email or text me to let me know you’re coming (I’m just SE of Hwy 19 and Alderman Rd) and you can try out several guitars and amps and see for yourself what you like or don’t like (No need to buy!)

EDIT: Due to Corona virus, we are taking some precautions that I’ve detailed here (click link).

I’ll add links under each of the above parts as I complete each article, so please check back soon..