Your 2nd Guitar Chord

G Chord

Continuing our “Jump Start” guitar course with our second chord. If you missed the beginning of the course, please go to “Learn Guitar in 1 Week“.

This is actually a “G7” chord, but we’re going to use it in place of “G” and it will generally sound as good or even better than “G”!

If you’ve got the “C” chord down, then this chord is almost a “no-brainer”! And if you don’t have the “C” chord mastered yet, please go back to “GO and do not collect $200!

From the “C” chord position, you merely move your #1 finger down one string and your other two fingers up one string each and “Bingo” you have a G7 chord!

Just like we did for “C”, make sure each string is ringing out clearly. Once you’ve got the hang of “G”, practice changing back and forth while strumming to a steady beat.

I recommend tapping your foot to a beat you can keep up with – two to four strums on “C”, then switch and do two to four strums on “G”, then switch back.

Keep speeding up the tempo until you can reliably switch chords while strumming at least 60 BMP (beats per minute). You can find metronome apps or an online version to help keep a steady beat.

Once you can do this, you’re ready to start playing some songs. Yes, there are quite a few songs you can play with just “C” and “G” chords!

Songs with C & G
Down in the Valley
Rock Around The Clock

But there are tens of thousands of songs – probably just about every song you know – that can be played if you learn just one more chord. So let’s have a look at our 3rd (and final) guitar chord – “F”..