Your 3rd Guitar Chord

G Chord

Continuing our “Jump Start” guitar course with our third (and final) chord. If you missed the beginning of the course, please go to “Learn Guitar in 1 Week“.

This is the most difficult chord of our three beginning chords. What’s hard about it is having to fret two strings with one finger.

You’ll probably find that it helps to use more of the edge of your index finger (noted #1 in the image) rather than the fleshy part.

Moving from the “C” chord position to G7 was pretty simple. This move will be a bit tougher, but you’ll soon be doing it just fine.

Just like we did for “C” and “G”, make sure each string is ringing out clearly. Once you’ve got the hang of “F”, practice changing between all three chords while strumming to a steady beat.

Keep speeding up the tempo until you can reliably switch chords while strumming at least 60 BMP (beats per minute). You can find metronome apps or an online version to help keep a steady beat.

Once you can do this, you’re ready to start playing some songs. There are ga-billions of songs you can play with just “C”, “F” and “G” chords!

Until you’re comfortable playing a “real” ‘G’ chord, just substitute our ‘G7’ and you’ll be just fine. I went 30 years before I decided to learn the G chord and nobody was ever the wiser!

Songs with C, F & G
Bye-Bye Love
Boney Fingers

Our next article covers “Strumming“.