This photo is a screenshot from a recent post on a Setup and Repair guitar forum. Now, I’m not pointing fingers at people who ask “dumb questions”. The only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked.

BUT I AM pointing out that this dumb question isn’t just from some random person – it’s from someone with the audacity to put themselves out there as a professional guitar technician and take money from unsuspecting customers when they absolutely do not have the know-how or experience to call themselves “professional”.

Without a doubt, this is an unqualified guitar tech! But the real problem is that he’s in the majority. From my experience talking with self-proclaimed guitar techs and from feedback from hundreds of customers, plus what I see from complaints posted online, it’s actually rare to find a qualified guitar tech!

We are about to offer workshops and certifications, starting next year – not for “Luthier” or guitar-building courses, but for guitar technician courses on guitar repairs and setups. I can assure you that anyone operating with an authorized “Guitars Done Right Member” label, will be properly trained and subject to losing that label if customers are not satisfied.

Meanwhile, what can you do to help week out unqualified guitar techs? Have them take this quiz below (can YOU pass it?)

Welcome to your Guitar Tech Quiz

Proper cap & pot sizes for most Strats

What is a "zero fret"?

Will a nut filed for 9 gauge require more filing for 10s?

If nut to 12th fret measures 12-3/8", you probably have a

The saddle of which string should be closest to the scale length?

How are tone pots wired in passive systems?

A treble bleed does what?

When intonating the average electric guitar most of these are generally true except