Learn guitar setups

Hank’s Guitar Shop is opening at 34026 Highway 19 N, Palm Harbor!

Hours are: Weekdays 10am to 7pm (except closed Wednesdays) and weekends from 10am to 2pm.

You’ll be able to drop in and try out the guitars of your choice. Hank buys guitars and other stringed instruments and only sells after giving each instrument a thorough refurb and professional setup, new strings, etc. Every guitar is guaranteed thirty days!

Hank also offers hands-on workshops for players to learn how to do their own guitar setups!

From now on, all guitar (and other stringed instruments) setup and service work will be done at Hank’s new retail location.

GuitarsDoneRight.com will morph into more of a franchise type of business where we train qualified people to be expert guitar techs and to start and run their own profitable business, whether from home or from a brick-and-mortar store, adhering to GDR’s standards of excellence.

The aim is that by training techs from across the country, players will be able to have confidence knowing that each GDR location will have technicians who have all been thoroughly trained in standardized procedures. You’ll know you can expect excellent setups and repairs and that all work will be professionally done and guaranteed, the same way you know what to expect when you visit a Dunkin Donuts, Denny’s or McDonalds, no matter where you go!

Hank has just released his latest guitar service book, titled – “Guitar Setups For Professionals”, available on Amazon and other sources of technical manuals. Or, drop by Hank’s Guitar Shop and ask for an autographed copy!