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I’m just a guitar tech who likes to make inexpensive guitars play and sound as good as the pricier ones.
I won’t sell a guitar until I’ve checked it out end to end; leveled frets & dressed fret ends; professionally setup the guitar to factory specs; installed & stretched new (quality) strings; tuned and intonated so that the instrument is worthy of the time and effort you will put into it.

Guitar Center Misses Payment, Mulls Bankruptcy

The ubiquitous guitar stores we all know and love/hate - those 300+/- stores throughout the country, have hit another speed bump while in the midst of the best sales year for guitars in decades. Perhaps like a terminal cancer, being owned by bean-counters (Ares...

Grote 335 Review

Can a guitar be beautiful, great playing, great sounding AND cheap?
Look over a guitar tech’s shoulder as he takes an in-depth dive into a Grote 335 hollow body guitar

Guitar Buying Dangers, Episode #104

Guitar Buying Dangers, Episode #104

This was a PJ bass guitar, but the same issues can happen in any dual pickup guitar, and electrical problems can hide in any used guitar. The Con.. I met the seller at his home. Due to Covid, he brought the guitar out to his carport, plugged it in and proceeded to...

Guitar Buying Dangers, Episode #103

Guitar Buying Dangers, Episode #103

So, last week's episode didn't dissuade you and you're back shopping for a guitar, eh? How 'bout that beautiful Epiphone Bonamassa that's advertised at just over half the price they usually go for? Great deal? Photos show a pristine guitar with factory decals still on...

Guitar Buying Dangers Episode #101

Guitar Buying Dangers Episode #101

I love looking at guitar ads. Craigslist, Marketplace, OfferUp, Reverb - all of 'em! But having bought roughly six hundred guitars off these ads in the past three years, I know that dark secrets lurk behind most of them. Please note that I said "..dark secrets lurk...

Guitar Buying – Nasty Surprises!

Guitar Buying – Nasty Surprises!

How to Insure Your Guitar Purchase A new customer brought me two guitars to setup. Both were new acquisitions for him. He was happy with his purchases and excited to be getting them setup to play well. Unfortunately, I had to break some very bad news to him. The...

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