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Each guitar I sell has been carefully selected, inspected and setup by me, Hank Castello – not some employee. I personally guarantee your satisfaction!

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My Guarantee

Phony guarantees:  Read others’ guarantees and they all say “protection from manufacturer defects”.  But used guitars nearly always have defects that occured AFTER manufacturing and aren’t covered at all! 

Used guitars can (and generally do) have real problems (read my “Problems With Used Guitars” article).  A guarantee from “manufacturer defects” is no guarantee at all!

Guitar TechDue to Covid, we are adhering to social distancing & other measures to protect my customers.  Click for info.

I’m just a guitar tech who likes to make inexpensive guitars play and sound as good as the pricier ones.
I won’t sell a guitar until I’ve checked it out end to end; leveled frets & dressed fret ends; professionally setup the guitar to specs; installed & stretched new (quality) strings; tuned and intonated so that the instrument is worthy of the time and effort you will put into it.

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