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I’m just a guitar tech who likes to make inexpensive guitars play and sound as good as the pricier ones.
I won’t sell a guitar until I’ve checked it out end to end; leveled frets & dressed fret ends; professionally setup the guitar to factory specs; installed & stretched new (quality) strings; tuned and intonated so that the instrument is worthy of the time and effort you will put into it.

Cheap Online Guitars – GlarryMusic.com

You've probably seen these guitars - from about $79 to just a tad over $100. They look beautiful! But are they any good? If you check out the YouTube channels, you'll find several "guitar gurus", who unbox these, squint and look closely; pronounce something about the...
8 new Ernie Ball string sets for 2020

8 new Ernie Ball string sets for 2020

Ernie Ball’s new Turbo, Mondo, Skinny Top Beefy Bottom, and Mighty Slinky sets will all debut in March. They will offer players custom string gauges from the world-renowned brand for the first time .  Read more about Ernie Ball new string sets..



Longtime investor Servco will acquire a majority stake in Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), after entering into a sale agreement to purchase TPG Growth’s shares in the company.  is now majority owner of Fender. Since TPG was the force behind Fender's...

New Harley Benton Website

New Harley Benton Website

Harley Benton has relaunched its website harleybenton.com to make it easier for players to find out more about their impressively extensive range of affordable guitars, basses, amps, effects and accessories. New search functions and extensive filter features now let...

“Real Fender” – $99

I got this response to my Craigslist ad for a $99 Fender Starcaster via email today - Is it a real Fender or a China reproduction?Craigslist ad response Hi Horace!  I see that you're new to guitar shopping.  (I can tell by your question.) Allow me to give...

Guitar Christmas Gifts

Guitar Christmas Gifts

It's that time of year and maybe you're thinking of surprising your child (or loved one, etc.) with a guitar for Christmas (or birthday, whatever). Don't do it! Sure, guitar is a great gift for a child. Who can argue that hours spent learning scales and music theory...

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