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Grow your skills & become a GDR member shop – complete the Guitar Tech Academy business & tech courses.

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Trust & Competence

Risk your guitar to some YouTube-taught musician who tinkers with tech work on the side OR a full-time guitar tech who is serious enough to join a professional guitar tech organization and willing to continually advance his skills???

GDR Member Shops adhere to a system of precise, science-based setups and repairs AND they offer the GDR guarantee.

Supporting Players & Techs

Guitars Done Right (GDR) helps train and support professional guitar techs and helps players connect with techs they can trust.

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Let GDR send you more business, help train your techs and help you build a customer base that’s loyal and happy!

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Guitars Done Right is here to help you succeed.  From getting more business to helping with tech issues & more.

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Continuous Tech Training

Our partnership with Guitar-Tech-Academy.com and GuitarFlipper.com creates a wide net of support to help you succeed.

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Join the GDR community, share ideas & make new connections.


Our Goal Is YOUR Success

Your success depends on having the right guitar tech skills, and having experience or the support of an organization that does have experience.  But it also depends on having good business systems, good marketing and a funnel that constantly sends you new customers.  GDR is here to do all this for you!

What We Offer

Training, tech support, business forms and systems, pre-built website with backend to handle online sales and inventory, a listing in our guitar shop directory and much more!

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