Fender Stratocaster, Made in Mexico, Sunburst

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Nice Stratocaster made in Mexico in 2000-2001.

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Despite being almost 20 years old, this guitar looks nearly new!  I’ll post more photos after I’ve had time to do a setup, new strings, tune, intonate,

According to the serial number, this guitar was made in the Ensenada Fender Plant in Mexico
in 2000 – 2001.  Fender Mexico was established in on May 5th 1987, Ensenada, Mexico with electric guitar production beginning in 1989. The Ensenada facility includes eight buildings, covering more than 200,000 square feet. This includes Electronics, Electric Guitar, Amplifier Cabinet, and String manufacturing. More than 1000 employees are on staff and are supported by the Fender Quality Control team which travels from Corona to Ensenada once a week to help maintain quality. Fender Mexico guitars are made using many U.S. components, maintaining the highest standards.