Glarry Jazz Bass Guitar (NEW!) with Gig Bag & Setup

$129.99 $119.99

Professionally setup and intonated.

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Yes, you can buy these a bit cheaper online and yes, they are beautiful!  BUT, as shipped, they’re virtually unplayable.  I’ve done setups on several of these brand-new Glarrys and this one was typical –

Neck relief (bow) was triple what it should have been; nut slots were twice as high as they should be on wound strings (cannot intonate); string heights were uncomfortably high and intonation was more than 10 points out.

The GOOD NEWS is that I fixed every issue and did a professional setup on this guitar so that it plays nice and sounds nice now.  If you’re looking for a brand-new bass guitar and a low-low price but you still demand good playability and decent sound – here’s your guitar!

Comes with a thin “gig bag”.  20 watt bass amp (also brand new!) available for $49

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