Rare Carvin DN640 – 6/4 Doubleneck Guitar and Bass, orig case

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Made in USA!  All original with old style M22 pickups and Schaller hardware.  With original case!

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This rare, beautiful Carvin came to me looking like no one had cleaned her up in decades.  But surprisingly, the only thing wrong was one bad switch!  Only light fret wear in the “cowboy frets” on the guitar.  The bass truss rod needed just a tiny “tweak”.  Some nut slots needed filing lower on the guitar and saddle heights needed adjusting all around.  Oh yeah and it needed one heck of a cleanup!  She looks and plays great now!

I will ship anywhere in continental USA for $20 packing materials plus actual shipping fees.  (Weight is approx 35 pounds. Container is 52x18x7).

This had apparently been owned by a retired Navy chaplain who lightly scratched his name and rank into both sides of the body (theft deterrent?), both cavity covers and “Jesus is lord of all” on the body, though most of that looks like it’s worn down.  I can’t see the scratches unless the light is just right or if I look very closely.  Light sanding, a bit of filler, then repaint, etc. would fix it if deemed necessary.

Made in USA (1985-88) and featured in Vintage Guitar magazine in 2005!    Guitar is all original with old style M22 pickups (M22s on the guitar, M22Bs on the bass), with coil splitters and phase switches all around and Schaller hardware.  All pickups work fine!  With original case!  Body is eastern hardrock maple.  Bass is also original with everything working fine.

“Carvin’s DN640 is a unique example in the doubleneck genre. Unlike production doublenecks from other manufacturers (like Gibson’s EBS-1250 and Rickenbacker’s 4080), the bass neck is on the bottom instead of the top. Introduced in 1980s, the DN640 and DN612 were the first modern/U.S.-made Carvin doublenecks, although the company had been assembling instruments with such a configuration at its factory since the mid 1950s. Moreover, this “reverse-neck” layout was only one of several unique facets of the DN640.”

Each neck has a volume control for each pickup, a master tone, and a three-way pickup toggle. Each line of three mini-toggles consists of coil-split switches for each pickup and a phase switch.

The mini-toggle in the middle of the body (near the pickup selector) is the neck selector.

The two output jacks are wired for separate necks, allowing separate amplification for guitar (lower jack) and bass (upper jack). However, both necks can be run through just the lower jack.

Here’s a link to the ad for the Carvin DN640