I was shopping on the Sam Ash website a couple months ago when I noticed something interesting. In my “previous life”, I was a web developer and web security consultant.

Any way, I noticed a little problem and sent an email explaining the problem, how to fix it and how to ensure their web guy never made a similar mistake. I didn’t think much about it, and continued with ordering a cable for my guitar amp.

The next day, I got a nice email from David Ash, thanking me, and I figured that was the end of it.

A few days later, while my 19 year old daughter, Noelle, was visiting from Las Vegas, a big package arrived. Attached was Sammy Ash’s business card with a nice thank you note written on the back.

Inside the package was a red and white Sam Ash shopping bag full of “goodies”. Cables, picks, straps, t-shirts, strings – you name it! All good stuff too!

Noelle has her own punk rock band back in Vegas, and when she peeked into that bag, you’d a thought Santa had just arrived! I managed to salvage a couple t-shirts, one set of strings and a handful of picks before Noelle’s suitcase was stuffed so full, she had to sit on it to get it to close!

I always liked shopping at the Sam Ash music store in Clearwater, but now I know that the business, headquartered in Hicksville, NY is run by some really super-nice folks and is a family-run business.

“Hicksville”? Come’on now Sammy – is there REALLY such a place?