it’s title?

The best electric guitars under $500: 10 top choice electrics for smaller budgets


Despite the somewhat redundant wording of the title, the article promised to be an interesting read – and it was, but not for their intended reasons.

The first thing that stood out to me was a Jackson King V JS32T at $249 and a crappy Epiphone Les Paul SL at $119 – with nothing in between!

A list of “10 best electric guitars..” that has a less-than-stellar quality Jackson at $249 and an awful Epiphone (there are lots of super-great Epis – just not this one!) at $119 with no Squier Affinity ($199), no Squier Bullet ($129) – both of which are superior to the Epiphone SL and Specials in both parts quality and workmanship. (Not saying that Squier has great parts quality and workmanship, but it’s obviously better than the lowest priced Epis)

And what’s the point of a “Top 10” article if it compares apples to oranges?

A Flying V vs an LP vs a Strat vs a Tele? Really??? And in the real world, “under $500” is a totally different market from “under $250”. A kid with just $300 for guitar, amp, cord, etc. isn’t going to be spending much time comparing $499 guitars.

I love and appreciate all they do for guitarists, but these articles (there’s one for “under $1000” also) remind me of my Journalism teacher when she would assign us to write a story with x-number of words.

While these articles may satisfy an editor’s word count and fill a page with “content”, they do a disservice to guitar lovers who may be searching for usable information.