Setup &  Mod Your Squier

“Let's turn your Squier into a great-playing guitar that has as many sound options as an American Fender Stratocaster!”


Part #1: Squier Setup

Check all screws & nuts & tighten Tune the guitar Measure neck relief, adjust if needed Measure nut slots, replace or file as needed Remove strings & check that frets are level Dress any high frets Dress sharp fret ends Clean fretboard Polish frets Install, stretch & tune strings Float, deck or block tremolo



Squier Setup Steps

Squier Setup Steps

Measure relief at 7th fret while fretting at 1st & last frets.  Most Squiers take 4mm allen wrench. Goal: 0.010"  Use piece of "e" string

Measure string height @ 17th fret while fretting 1st.   Use Bass string "D" Goal: 0.065"

File nut slots to 0.020" Use G string from set of #9 (0.024")

Be sure that all frets are level.  Check from E to e.

Naptha & #0000 steel wool to clean the fretboard, then furniture polish to protect it.


Next week (Oct 9, 2020), I'll post the 2nd part of this article where we'll mod this Squier to be a Super Squier with 7 pickup positions, tone control for bridge pickup and roller guides.

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