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Wow!  I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “Shall” before!  But that’s the question on my mind – what would you like to see us do with this website?

Sure it’s got stuff listed that I’m selling, but I’d like it to be more useful to you and other guitar players – especially those learning to play or wanting to learn how to mod their guitars.  Well, that’s two different topics, so let’s break ’em down..

Learning to Play Guitar

As someone who’d rather work on a guitar than try to play one, I’ve just started practicing a few months ago.  So, it’d be nice if we partnered with a really good tutor or two.  Someone who could write articles about learning various aspects – a bit of music theory; some licks; strumming style – the whole works.

As a former video producer, with pro mics, cameras, etc and even a teleprompter, we could even help them make some YouTube tutorials. They’d get great exposure and presumably all the students from our Tampa – St Pete metro area that they wanted, and you and I would get a steady flow of great information from a local guitar teacher or two.

I would want to vet them first by getting a lesson or two myself.  I’ve had one lesson from a really good guitar player and a good guy.  Trouble is, he wasn’t exactly a good teacher.  I suppose that’s rather common, so rest assured that any guitar teachers you see on this site, will be good teachers!

Electric Guitar Mods

I suppose I’m not the only guitar newbie who wishes his cheapo guitar sounded like a true Fender or Gibson guitar.  There are numerous things you can do with a “lowly” Squier, Epiphone, Yamaha or First Act guitar to make them sound and play better.

The good news is that everything doesn’t have to come from StewMac and doesn’t have to be expensive!  By buying in quantity, I can occasionally get really good deals on quality stuff – deals that I can pass on to you.

We can have articles with photos and videos showing how to do the mods.

Maybe you aren’t ready to modify your electric guitar, but it needs a “tune-up”, or set-up or repair.  We can handle those too.  In fact, maybe that’s where I’ll begin by writing an article this weekend.

Your Ideas?

What would you like to see here?  Please add your comments below.  (Note:  you gotta “register” first, but it’s just minimal info so we can keep the hacker/spammer bots out)