Guitar World has an article detailing 28 new(ish) Epiphone models.

The Cliff Notes version –

The Original and Modern Inspired by Gibson guitars boast a host of classic and new features, including the more Gibson-like Kalamazoo headstock, as well as upgraded electronics and finishes. What’s more, the word on the street is that every Gibson model will now have an equivalent Epiphone version.


Now, I’m a sucker for a 335, but Epiphone’s $449 price is higher than Fender’s Squier Starcaster Classic Vibe at $399, (also available in their Contemporary Active series) which is absolutely awesome in every way!

If you want an even lower price, checkout the Squier Starcaster Affinity series at just $299.

Hey Fender ! – How ’bout a free T-shirt for that plug??? 🙂